Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Federal Government has spoken against the coup d’etat which took place in Sudan on Monday.

Sudan’s top general earlier on Monday declared a state of emergency, dissolved the leaders of the country’s democratic transition, and announced the formation of a new government.

This was believed to have started with by soldiers detaining civilians, an action also taken down by the Federal Government in a statement signed by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Esther Sunsuwa today been monday.

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The statement read, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria strongly speaks against the coup d’etat that has taken place today in Sudan, in which the military has retrenched the civilian board of the transitional government and arrested its overall leaders.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for the immediate release of the Prime Minister and all other political prisoners and an immediate restoration of the transitional government and implementation of the stated mode of progression to return the country, sudan to constitutional democracy.”


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