Northern organizations have warned political parties against fielding elderly and incompetent candidates for the impending 2023 Presidential election, announcing such can be rejected by them. This was a part of the agreements reached on Thursday at some stage in the Maitama Sule Leadership Lecture Series organized by the Students Wing of Coalition of Northern Groups, Borno State chapter.

Speaking on the event, the spokesperson for the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Hakeem Baba-Ahmed explicitly said that the North will flip its back on any party that intentionally tilts benefits to candidates from precise regions, even as insisting on credibility during elections. He informed Northerners with a presidential ambition to recognize that the NEF, CNG (Coalition of Northern Groups) and different Northern organizations aren’t merely assisting the emergence of a Northerner to be triumphant President Muhammadu Buhari, however additionally interested by a certified candidate. In admittance of the disasters of President Buhari’s administration, Baba-Ahmed stated being from the North alone isn’t sufficient to make one an awesome leader.

Therefore, he stated, the state of the North these days represents the excellent warning that what you see as yours isn’t always excellent in which you have a choice, and each Nigerian have to have a choice.”If a Northerner is to grow to be the following President with our votes in the North, then he must be excellent amongst all others. He has to persuade us in the North that he knows our problems, and might resolve them. He has to have the disposition, energy, fitness, and intelligence to heal the breached pluralism of the North and construct bridges throughout the complete nation. He has a good way to lead a country this is failing in some significant areas.

A personal ambition to be President will now no longer be sufficient, and we can scrutinize and endorse people who will listen, to keep away from the temptation to install location men and women who simply need power, however now no longer responsible.”A president from the North must have the publicity and community to reintegrate all elements of Nigeria into one country and one vision. He needs to have the braveness to do away with threats of insurgents, bandits, kidnappers, irredentists, impunity, the medicine pandemic, and corruption.”He has to lead with a feel of project and urgency; the understanding to barter in which important and the clout to hit tough in which he wishes to; and clean information of the assets and nature of our threats and their solutions,” he stated.”The factor must be made again that each Nigerian, no matter his political party or identification have to be unfastened to contest inside his or her party to be fielded as a Presidential candidate, and we need to reject any party that particularly and intentionally excludes any Nigerian from exercising the identical right different Nigerians have,” he stated. He however boasted that the North had proven its dedication to national team spirit and the democratic technique and that it has paid a big price for the team spirit and survival of the country.

He additionally claimed that the North has by no means been parasitic to the country, announcing, “even as the North believes that it serves all interests to live as one united country, it will, but, be hard for us to preserve to protect our co-lifestyles if it may best be completed at our everlasting expense.”He stated people who need to query their commitments are folks who threaten to depart the country or make it ungovernable if the following President does not endure all of the hallmarks in their preferences.”The relaxation of Nigeria has a valid reason of challenge while sections of the country which have to grow to be digital hostages of irredentists, advise that best after they have the Presidency will the country do away with organized violence that has made huge inroads into lives of Nigerian residents residing there.”


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