By 2050, the world’s population is expected to have increased by about two billion people, and food production will continue to be the most important component in sustaining life on Earth. This opens up a big opportunity for young people who are creative enough to see agriculture as a business that can help them break free from the rat-race of employment as well as the companionship of the jobless.

This short essay gives a brief of how Agribusiness can solve the problem of youth unemployment and as well as addresses the need for smart farming.

The 21st Century Agriculture and youth Engagement.
Agribusiness in the twenty-first century is smart work, not hard work. This makes the food-producing sector more appealing to youthful minds. Many young people see farming as an “old career” — a difficult and time-consuming work that does not pay well and, more crucially, does not correlate to today’s increasingly digitalized and sophisticated culture.

According to research, food security in the developing world is dependent not only on new crop growth and export, but also on the creation of new farmers. These are young talented minds with incredible ideas for increasing yield per unit of land while producing at the lowest cost possible using current technology.

For youths to build wealth through agriculture, they must first understand the agricultural value chain (from production to final consumer), embrace Precision Agriculture, and take advantage of the market through population increase. Youth engagement in agriculture is expected to have a substantial influence on eradicating poverty, cr eat food security, and enhancing economic growth (Yami et al., 2019).


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