A human rights group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has filed a suit asking the Federal High Court in Abuja to cease President Muhammadu Buhari from laying out N26bn allocated for the government in the 2022 budget.

The budget is anticipated to take care of the president’s “ local and foreign journey, meals and refreshments, sitting allowance, welfare package, and office structure.” The suit with the number, FHC/ ABJ/ CS/1361/2021, filed on Friday, November 5, 2021, on behalf of SERAP by its advocates Kolawole Oluwadare and Ms. Adelanke Aremo seeks “ an order of mandamus to channel and impel President Buhari to cut the N26bn presidency fund on a local and foreign journey, feeds and refreshments, and to send a supplementary allocation bill to the National Assembly to reflect the discount.”

SERAP also seeks “ an order of mandamus to channel and impel President Buhari to put out spending details on the State House Medical Center since May 29, 2015, to date; and to deflect some of the money on travels and feeds to enhance public healthcare installations across the country.”

The group contended that it’s in the public interest to cease the government from borrowing, saying persistent borrowing is neither sustainable nor fair to the Nigerian people. SERAP also asserted that “ The huge spending by the government is neither necessary nor in the public share, specifically in the face of the country’s threatening economic position, the spare allocations to schooling and health, and the rising degree of borrowing by the Federal Government to finance the 2022 budget. “ The Buhari government has constitutional and fiduciary duties to insure a liable budget spending and the well-being and success of Nigerians. Some of the suggested spendings could be better allocated to enhance access of needful Nigerians to basic public goods and services.”

Describing the president’s spending as unsustainable, SERAP said halting Buhari from disbursing the proposed N26bn on travels and feeds would insure that the administration is disbursing the country’s maximum available finances to admire, safeguard, and upgrade the rights to basic requirements of the poor and marginalized groups.


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